SUEVI Release

Release Description
Our third release is a comeback production from the Romanian based techno duo, they brought to us a unique and unforgettable journey, to a land of the dark sounds and atmospheres.

Their new release starts with a unique cinematic intro mix, which has a true dark atmosphere spiced with the aggressive techno melodies, this combined with the cinematic sounds gives a unique characteristic and colour to the track.

The release follows up with the original mix of the track, which features a unique vocal mix with a dark atmosphere and energetic techno melody, the powerful baseline gives a big punch to track and lifts higher the atmosphere.

The final track is the dub mix, which is an essential version of the original track, with small changes but with the same high level of energy, without the colors of the vocals.

Our third release is a perfect choice for everyone, who wants to have a journey to a dark and mystical place of techno music!
Release Info
01. Thrill (Cinematic Intro Mix)
02. Thrill (Original Mix)
03. Thrill (Dub Mix)

Genre: Techno

Catalog No: SVR003